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  • About The VR Performance

    This website was launched to help all variations of creative talent for virtual reality, 360 videos and traditional filmmakers to have an alternative to earn higher revenue through for their video content.

    It’s well known that Youtube pays channel owners very small splits on ad revenue. The VR Performance sees creative people as valuable contributors to the new growing platform of 360 films and virtual reality video experiences. Therefore a generous Pay Per View (PPV) split is built in to this website for anyone who wishes to earn revenue from their creative efforts. As a video uploader you set the fees and share in the revenue with up to 80% split for any PPV video content over $2.99. PPV videos under $2.99 are split 50/50 and that’s because the website must pay all the credit card transaction fees and hosting fees for your video content.

    Here is how you can start making money with The VR Performance…

    1. Register for a free account and populate your profile.

    2. Connect your bank account in your profile to permit deposits to be made to you for each PPV video view.

    3. Upload your first video. Your video can be 360 degree or traditional video. Choose the thumbnail cover image, video length, title and description for your video. If you don’t choose a thumbnail image a gray box will be seen as the cover image.

    4. Set your price for your video and then by checking the activate PPV feature for that video you will be paid for each view. You may change your price at any time up or down or remove the fee completely.

    5. Promote your video on social media. We suggest uploading a teaser video about your video on other video sharing sites and include a link to your video on The VR Performance PPV version.

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