How To Make Money From VR Videos

You can earn money through The VR Performance for your videos. Registration is free. This website is compatible with 360 videos and virtual reality video content in addition to traditional videos. After registering free at use your Facebook, Twitter or email address to login. Remember to complete your profile and especially to connect your bank account for automatic deposits. When you upload a video either 360 or 2D, you can set a fee from, free views, $1-$500 for viewers to watch your video. Revenue is shared up to 80% starting from the first video view. Change the PPV fee later if you wish. Manage all aspects of your videos from your Profile.

After uploading your video to our system. You’ll continue to own all the rights of your video. Once your video has been processed. Grab the video sharing link and start sharing and marketing your video to the world. Your customers get 5 views and 30 days to enjoy your video content.

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