Daydream VR Phones by Google

Made by Google launched their new Pixel brand smartphones, Early buyers get a Virtual Reality headset like those shown below. Also announced were smart home wifi routers, and improved faster Chromecast hardware devices and their new Home device, a voice activated control center that taps into Artificial Intelligence and connects to Internet of Things, their Home device is designed to compete with Amazon’s Echo. The new Daydream View VR headset is available in 3 colors, each are covered in fabric and are newly designed and are very comfortable and lightweight for $79. Unlike the Samsung Gear, Daydream View VR headsets will be compatible with most Android phones. Google also announced 16 apps and 32 new games for the Virtual Reality headset and phone.

The Pixel phone has new features and hardware not found in current phones on the market. Starting at $649 and with all the addons like a 128GB RAM and Fi sim chip, adds cost for the phone to $849. Financing is available. Learn more about the new products at

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