Altcoins and Cryptocurrency Accepted Here

The major advantage that some of the cryptocurrencies have over traditional credit card processing is the ability to process very small transactions. Small transactions under $.30 is not possible with Stripe or other processors regardless of how good a deal the merchant is getting. Almost every processor has a flat fee of $.30 plus a percentage of the sale amount. But with cryptocurrency transactions the fees are low enough that commerce can proceed and very small sales can take place. Videos on The VR Performance will be capable of very low fees from dimes to nickels or even pennies. No refunds of sales also helps. With such low sale amounts buyers are more open to taking a chance. And since there are no refunds, there are no chargebacks either.

Cryptocurrency transactions are a win win for many merchants who want to sell lower priced digital goods. 

The cryptocurrency transaction option is coming in early 2019 to The VR Performance. 

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