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This is the unabridged version of our Algonquin Park 360° VR videos for those who would like to enjoy a longer 360° experience in the park, or listen to the relaxing ASMR aspects of the video in nature. We've also included a list of handy time codes below if you'd like to jump ahead to a particular spot in the video:

00:01 - Canoe Paddling on a calm Lake Opeongo, up in the North Arm
03:53 - The view from our island campsite on Lake Opeongo, with a sunset towards the end!
11:26 - Paddling up a calm river headed towards Little Crow Lake
12:25 - Relaxing view of Big Crow Lake from our campsite during the evening
17:53 - Relaxing view of Big Crow Lake from the beach next to our campsite during the day
19:05 - The fire tower trail lookout over Big Crow Lake, with a beautiful sunset towards the end! (sunset begins around 22:05)
25:28 - Paddling the calm waters on Little Madawaska River heading into Lake La Muir
26:40 - Evening campfire from our campsite on Lake La Muir
32:57 - Relaxing Westward view from our campsite on Lake La Muir
33:41 - 2nd evening campfire from our campsite on Lake La Muir
37:19 - Inside our tent in the rain, at our campsite on Happy Isle Lake
38:34 - Morning breakfast from our campsite on Happy Isle Lake
42:52 - Paddling down the South Arm of Lake Opeongo on our way home!

Also, if you're just looking for the shorter individual 360° VR videos from each day of the trip and want to experience them one at a time, you can find that playlist here:

You can also check out the main trip vlog series in 4K for the rest of the story in this playlist here: ...if you enjoyed the videos, please consider sharing the playlist link with friends, family, or on social media - it's a great way to help support our channel and future trips! Thank you! :)


There are several different ways to enjoy this 360° VR video:

1. Select desktop web browsers like Google's Chrome or Firefox will allow you to scroll through the 360° VR video by clicking / dragging the image on the screen left, right, up and down, so you can look around in the environment.

2. View the 360° VR video on your smartphone or tablet using YouTube's Mobile app (a free app on iOS or Android devices), which will allow you to pan and tilt your phone around in 3D space, almost as if it's a window in front of you that you can look through to see the VR environment around you - the YouTube Mobile app uses your device's internal gyroscope to determine where you're looking... which is really cool!

3. View the 360° VR video through Google's Cardboard app (a free app on iOS and Android devices), and a relatively inexpensive head-mounted VR viewer, equipped with lenses designed to help you focus on your smartphone's screen. The app creates a stereoscopic version of the 360° video we filmed, which you can then put into a head-mounted VR viewer, which allows you to look around and almost feel like you're there inside the VR environment. The app uses your phone's own internal gyroscope to determine where you're looking. Please note, your VR experience with this method depends on your phone's resolution and the quality of the VR headset you purchase. I personally own a "Merge 360°" VR headset which works with a range of different phones, and sells online at B&H Photo for around $79 CDN / $59 US, though you can find inexpensive VR viewers for as little as $15 - $20 by searching online. There are many to choose from - you generally get what you pay for though, and more expensive models will typically be more comfortable to wear for extended periods, or come equipped with more built-in adjustments for precisely aligning with your eyes. Before buying any VR viewer, please ensure it will fit your phone. You may also want to enjoy this method while wearing stereo headphones for a more immersive experience.

4. View the 360° VR video through an Oculus Rift, or the HTC Vive, which are much more expensive VR devices with their own software built-in.


Want to know more about how to get started with canoe camping in Algonquin Park, or find out what kind of gear we pack, or the meals we prep? Check out our “How to canoe camp in Algonquin Park” video, which includes a handy index of time codes in its description to find the stage of trip planning you’re looking for:


Our canoe was provided by the friendly folks at Algonquin Outfitters - thank you so much! Check them out at

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